ZPP COVID 19 Accountability Tracker (May 2021)

Summary Findings and Recommendations.


• In the past two months April and May 2021, there were growing incidences of clear selective enforcement of the COVID-19 Statutory Instrument 77 of 2020 -The Public Health Order, for political expedience by the incumbent Zanu-PF.

• Zimbabweans including those formally employed, resorted to informal trading to make ends meet. Some sections of the private sector reduced the number of working days for employees and only remunerated for the days they came to work. This resulted in a 40% salary cut.

• There was a new wave of demolitions of vending stalls and harassment of vendors by a joint operation of local authorities and Zimbabwe police. The disruption worsened the toll on informal traders and compounded the already bleak future under the pandemic.

• There were increasing reports of people being turned away on grounds of non-availability of the COVID-19 vaccine. People who are not vaccinated are exposed to severities of the imminent third wave and variants from India and neighbouring South Africa.

• There were no recorded beneficiaries of the government COVID.19 relief fund in the past two months April and May 2021.

Source: Zimbabwe Peace Project

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