Yaounde – Student Dies After Leaving Night Club

Tragedy struck a Ngoussou-Yaounde family at 3 am on Friday, July 24, 2015, when their only daughter, Sandra, died on the way to hospital soon after complaining that she was not feeling fine. According to a female neighbour to the family, Sandra, a 19-year-old “slim and very beautiful” girl, who, in the company of friends and cousins had the previous evening gone to enjoy herself at a local night club, complained that she was bored being in the pub and wanted to go to another entertainment spot in the city.

She then suggested that they should go to one of the late-night bars in the Camp SONEL area of the Essos neighbourhood. Soon after they left the night club in a taxi for Camp SONEL, Sandra complained that she was not feeling well. Not long after, her situation grew worse and she died in the taxi as they were rushing her to hospital. Her corpse was taken to one of the mortuaries in the city as her distraught parents contemplate the future without their only daughter. It was not immediately clear if the young student’s sudden death was connected to anything she took at the night club.

One of only two children, Sandra is said to have recently passed the Francophone Baccalaureat high school certificate examination whose results were released last week. She attended the renowned Father Monti College, a Catholic school on the outskirts of Yaounde. She is said to have hoped to also become a mannequin or fashion model, “given her slim structure and attractive looks,” explained the family neighbour. At the time of Sandra’s death, her mother was in hospital with her only brother who was recently operated upon.

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