Yaounde: Heavy Rains Hamper Activities, Cause Floods

Floods are a common phenomenon in the capital city, especially during the rainy season.

The rainy season is back in full gear in the capital city, Yaounde, after a short spell of dry weather that lasted several weeks. Even though it is a sigh of relief for some people for many, it is trouble. Following the heavy rain on Friday September 18, 2015, some parts of the city were almost inaccessible due to floods.

The heavy rain that started at about 5:00 p.m. made it difficult for workers to return to their homes after work. Many school children found it difficult returning to their homes, especially in areas where roads are bad.

Portions of River Mfoundi behind SGBC Bank near the Mfoundi Market were flooded, spewing refuse on the road leading to the market. Also, at the Central Post Office, rain water covered the road, making it difficult for vehicles and pedestrians to go through smoothly. At the Warda neighbourhood opposite the Sports Place, the River Mefou equally overflowed its banks and covered the road leading to Tsinga.

The beginning of the rainy season has equally hampered several major projects in the city. In many neighbourhoods, building projects have been abandoned due to the heavy rains. Jonathan A., a builder said he and his friends will do other jobs and continue building after the rainy season. Road construction projects, especially the one linking Tam-Tam Weekend to the Montée Jouvence neighbourhood, have been temporarily halted due to the heavy rains.

With the restart of the rainy season in Yaounde, inhabitants of neighbourhoods around marshy areas have started looking for houses in safer areas. Jules Manga, a Yaounde inhabitant, said he has moved his family to his village on the outskirts of the city and intends to return only in December during the dry season. Awana Gaël, another inhabitant said she and her family joined her relatives in other neighbourhoods to avoid the floods.

Apart from moving houses, some people have developed other alternatives to face the floods. In some areas, people have started storing their belongings in high shelves constructed inside their homes to prevent damage by rain water.

Paul K. who lives in the Mimboman neighbourhood said when it rains; the whole area is flooded for days. As a result, he and his family sleep in the shelves throughout the rainy season. Some people prefer carrying their belongings to safer places each time it rains and bring them back when the rain ceases.

Even though efforts are being made by the Yaounde City Council to prevent floods in the city, inhabitants continue to be lukewarm to the measures so far taken. The River Mfoundi Canal, which is supposed to serve as a major water passage to prevent flooding in the city centre is constantly blocked with dirt, notably plastic bottles and garbage.

A source at the Yaounde City Council said the authorities were doing everything to resolve the problem of floods in the city.

Cameroon Tribune

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