Written question – VP/HR – Situation in Cameroon – E-006935/2017

After almost 50 years of taking in hundreds of thousands of refugees from various neighbouring states, Cameroon is shedding its reputation as a generous refugee-hosting country. Since early 2015, the Cameroonian authorities have summarily deported at least 100 000 Nigerians living in remote border areas back to war, displacement, and destitution in Nigeria’s Borno State.

At least 4 402 people are known to have been deported in the first seven and a half months of 2017. In carrying out these deportations, Cameroonian soldiers have frequently used extreme physical violence, including against children.

Many weakened after living for months or years without adequate food or medical care in border areas have died during or just after deportation, while children have been separated from their parents.

Can the VP/HR outline the European Union’s stance on this issue and what action has been taken for an open dialogue with Cameroon in order to put an immediate end to these abuses?

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