Written question – VP/HR – Situation of the English-speaking community in Cameroon – E-000660/2018

Strife broke out between the English‐ and French-speaking communities in Cameroon in October 2017. Eight people were killed and several others injured in clashes between the army and protesters in the English-speaking area. The English-speaking community makes up a fifth of Cameroon’s population and has for some time been suffering discrimination at the hands of the French-speaking majority community and of the French-speaking Government, which has previously been accused of corruption. Under the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Cameroon the regions used to enjoy wide-ranging autonomy, and French and English were both official languages. The English-speaking separatist movement, which has continued the protests, has been calling for a declaration of independence in order to bring about a complete secession, thereby creating the ‘Republic of Ambazonia’.

In the light of these serious events:
Is the High Representative aware of the abovementioned discrimination? What will she do to protect the English-speaking community in Cameroon, not least in view of the fact that the Cameroonian Army has resorted to shooting?
How does she intend to respond to the possibility of secession and a self-declared ‘Republic of Ambazonia’?

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