Written question – VP/HR – Anti-LGBT violence in Cameroon – E-005157/2018

Violence against LGBT people has risen to alarming proportions in Cameroon, with 600 recorded homophobic attacks and offences in 2017, in addition to an unspecified number of unreported attacks, bearing in mind that this is a country where homosexual acts are punished by up to five years’ imprisonment. Far beyond social marginalisation and criminalisation, LGBT people are abducted, tortured, and sometimes murdered, while being accused of witchcraft or of being possessed by the devil or mentally ill; they are often victims of ‘corrective rape’ committed by fetishists bent on ‘curing’ them or by members of their own families, who force them to marry persons of the opposite sex, and these ensure in turn that the ‘corrective measures’ go on. Because it has entered into partnerships with the EU, Cameroon has free access to the European market and is also covered by a National Indicative Programme for the years 2014 to 2020 with a budget of XAF 185 billion, intended, among other things, to support civil society and the defence of human rights, but that support cannot be unconditional.

In the light of these facts, how will the EU use its influence to persuade the Cameroonian authorities to change their laws and take firm action to halt anti-LGBT violence?

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