Wild Polio Eradication – Nonstop Drop in Unvaccinated Children

Friday’s immunisation campaign took Littoral’s SG to Newtown Aéroport III.

The war against wild polio virus has at last yielded fruits as Cameroon was on March 26th declared a non-exporter of the virus. With the wonderful news, Littoral’s Secretary General Ludovic Ngbwa, and the health team carried out the third polio vaccination campaign for 2015, which is the 13th since 2014, in Laïc la Prospérité Nursery and Primary School in Newtown Aéroport III vaccination children below five years and as well used the opportunity for a door-to-door vaccination in the neighbourhood in a bid to knockout the wild polio virus from the region.

To Dr. Jacques Georges Otti, there is visible progress since 2014. “Unvaccinated children during the 5th vaccination campaign in 2014 stood at 14 per cent and later reduced to 5 per cent during the 9th round and now we are at 4.8 per cent which shows that some efforts has been made,” he explained. Though Cameroon is no longer considered as a wild polio exporting country, the immunisation campaigns have to continue in order to completely eradicate the virus. Since the vaccine does not cause any harm to a child, parents were encouraged to vaccinate their kids during the up-coming vaccination campaigns since about 300,000 refugees still reside in the country and vaccine is the major weapon to completely eliminate the virus. From 19 health districts last year, to 24 in 2015, is telling of the region’s certainty to vaccinate all 602,122 children.

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