WFP Chad Country Brief, May 2020

2,786 mt of food assistance distributed
USD 1.9 m cash-based transfers made
USD 66.9 m six months (June – November 2020) net funding requirements
370,358 people assisted in May 2020
Operational Updates
• In support to the COVID-19 National Response Plan,
WFP will provide food rations to more than 433,000 people affected by the social and economic effects of the pandemic. Assistance will be delivered over three months, across eight provinces (Batha, Bahr el Gazel,
Guéra, Kanem, Lac, Logone Oriental, Logone Occidental et Wadi Fira,) and will cover 70 percent of daily recommended kilocalorie intake. Supplies are being procured under World Bank-financed projects.
WFP will manage the lean season response separately, yet coordination mechanisms are in place to ensure complementarity.
• WFP also supports the Government in addressing logistical challenges derived from the COVID-19 pandemic. Mobile storage units (MSUs) with capacity for 80 to 100 beds, will be used to unclog provincial hospitals in case of an upsurge in the number of cases.
In May, WFP installed four MSUs in Iriba (1), Biltine (1) and N’Djamena (2). Eight more MSUs are available incountry.
• WFP Global Aviation service started operating passenger flights to countries in the Central and West Africa region. A bi-weekly connection AccraN’Djamena-Accra is in place. Flights are operated in compliance with the Government’s public health procedures. Moreover, the UN Humanitarian Air Service performed two medical evacuations from the deep field to N’Djamena of non-critical (able-bodied)
COVID-19 patients.
• WFP continues to deliver life-saving food and nutritional assistance to 42,000 new internally displaced people in the province of Lac. In May, the inter-agency committee led by UNHCR conducted assessments in the six sites where they are settled and close to 12,500 were transferred to Amma.
• Inter-communal clashes in West Darfur continue to drive refugees into Chad. WFP will provide emergency food assistance to 300 people that crossed the border in May. They will be transferred to the site of Kouchaguine Moura, in the province of Ouaddai. Contingency stocks are in place in case of further arrivals.
• WFP prepares for the distribution of 10 million insecticide-treated mosquito nets (MILDA) to 1.7 million people on behalf of UNDP and the Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. These partners support the Ministry of Health and the General Department for Preventive and Environmental Health and Fight against Disease to carry out the 2020 MILDA mass distribution campaign. The distribution of MILDAs will start in the Southern provinces in June.
• WFP published a video on nutrition and COVID-19 in Chad to accompany the release of the 2020 Global Nutrition Report.

Source: World Food Programme

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