Weekly Bulletin on Outbreaks and other Emergencies: Week 40: 26 September to 2 October 2022

This Weekly Bulletin focuses on public health emergencies occurring in the WHO African region. This week’s articles cover:
• Ebola Virus Disease caused by Sudan virus in Uganda
• Monkeypox in the WHO African Region
• Cholera in Niger
For each of these events, a brief description, followed by public health measures implemented and an interpretation of the situation is provided.
A table is provided at the end of the bulletin with information on all new and ongoing public health events currently being monitored in the region, as well as recent events that have been controlled and closed.
Major issues and challenges include:
The ongoing Ebola disease outbreak caused by the Sudan ebolavirus in Uganda continues, however with further spread to additional Districts. Although significant improvement has been made in various aspects of the response as compared to the beginning of the outbreak, there remains some challenges especially around alert detection, thorough identification of all transmission chains, contact tracing and follow-up, and robust community engagement. One of the affected Districts borders the Democratic Republic of the Congo, highlighting an urgent need to reinforce cross-border collaboration with neighbouring countries and enhance preparedness and readiness activities in non-affected Districts of Uganda as well as in neighbouring countries. The number of confirmed monkeypox cases in Africa has shown an increasing trend in the past seven days. Two countries reported fifty-two new cases, including Nigeria and the Central Africa Republic. One new death reported in Nigeria and two deaths previously recorded in CAR were discarded after a detailed investigation.

Source: World Health Organization