UNHCR MENA Quarterly Regional Cash Assistance Monitoring Update July to September 2020 (Q3)

This update covers sixteen operations in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region in which cash-based interventions (CBIs) are currently implemented.
Key Highlights
• 2,149,822 unique individuals reached with cash assistance from January to September 2020 (666,927 unique individuals assisted in Q3 only (July to September)), out of which the majority, or equal to 1,757,663 individuals (514,510 individuals in Q3 only), were reached with Multi-Purpose Cash Assistance (MPCA).
• 1,053,205 unique individuals out of those provided with cash assistance in Q3 were reached with emergency cash assistance as part of the COVID-19 response since the start of the pandemic in March, for a total of USD 48,546,747 million.
• USD 198,583,347 million distributed via all modes of cash assistance (i.e. both COVID-19 and non COVID-19) from January to September 2020 (USD 76,660,665 in Q3 only), out of which USD 132,231,124 million was to Syrians and USD 66,352,223 million to persons of other nationalities.
• An additional 79,449 individuals received cash assistance in Q1, with USD 2.6 million in winterization cash grants. For additional information, please refer to the Final Report for the UNHCR’s 2019-2020 Regional Winterization Assistance Programme.

Source: UN High Commissioner for Refugees

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