Tharaka-Nithi County Recalls Health Workers On Leave

Tharaka-Nithi Governor Muthomi Njuki, has directed all health workers in the county who are on leave to resume duty by Monday tommorow, save for those on medical leave.

Speaking at his office in Chuka town on Saturday, Njuki disclosed that the nature of the health sector at the moment requires the presence of all the medical practitioners, hence the need for those on leave to resume work at their stations.

The governor further disclosed that a court order had suspended the strike notice by the doctors and clinical officers in Tharaka Nithi, and those who had been on a go-slow should have resumed their normal duties by Friday.

‘We have instructions to take all the necessary disciplinary actions against any of the striking doctors and clinical officers who have not resumed duty by Friday, the 12th day of April 2024,’ said the governor.

Njuki said the government has not received any recognition agreement with any union for Laboratory technicians, and therefore any of them who is out of duty over a purported
industrial action is ill advised.

He disclosed that he has asked his officers to advertise the vacant positions of any clinical officer or lab technicians who had not reported to duty by Friday’s deadline in order to replace them with others who are willing to work under the current conditions.

The governor further disclosed that the government does not have any recognition agreement with any union for Nutritionists and Dieticians and anyone of them who will go on strike after the counterfeit union’s threat date will be considered to have absconded duty and will be replaced.

He asked the residents of the county to continue seeking medical attention in the public health facilities and to desist from following the misleading information that the health workers are on strike.

Source: Kenya News Agency