TAAG plane made available to TACV expected to begin operations next week

The Boeing 737-700 which TAAG has made available to TACV Cabo Verde Airlines is expected to begin operations next week, according to the forecasts of TACV’s chairman of the Board of Directors, Sara Pires.

“There is the part of the validation of the plane by the Civil Aeronautics. As soon as the plane is validated, it will be operating. We believe that as early as next week the device will be available to operate,” said Sara Pires, in a statement to the press, following a visit made this afternoon to the aircraft is grounded at International airport Nelson Mandela, in the city of Praia.

As she explained, it is a plane with capacity for 120 passengers, suitable for medium-term travel, and serves “very well” for the destination that the company is operating at the moment, which is Lisbon.

“Just to give an example: the current plane has 188 seats and we have made the trips with an average of 120 to 130 passengers. This device has 120 seats, it means that for the Lisbon route goes 100% full and this means that we will optimize the connection”, she said.

Source: Inforpress

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