State House School – End-of-Term Feast Crowns Academic Year

In songs and words of gratitude, the First Lady of Cameroon, Mrs Chantal Biya, Matron of “Les Coccinelles” Primary School Complex at the Unity Palace, yesterday June 30, 2015 joined pupils of the school to celebrate a successful academic year. The matron and her pupils, through the popular sound-“ma ve wa ngan” by the local artist, LAB’L saw the need to thank God Almighty not only for an excellent and peaceful school year but also for life.

It was cheerful and colourful event as the school did not only celebrate its 15th years of existence but also the send off its 10th promotion which scored 70.58 per cent in the Common Entrance Examination and Competitive Examination into Technical Secondary Schools. The Director of the School, Guillaume Mpouenanga said activities to mark the State House end-of-term feast was an occasion to presence a balance sheet of the academic records of the pupils which he graded as satisfactory. Statistics indicated that class two pupils had an average pass of 15.54 on 20, those in class three scored averagely 13.82 on 20, while class four and five pupils averagely scored 16.83 and 13 on 20 respectively.

The Director of the school said credit for such good grades goes to the ever-supporting founder and matron of the school, Mrs Chantal Biya, whom they congratulated for her new attribute as UNAIDS Special Ambassador as well as the hard-work of the pupils, and the commitment of the staff. Such good grades merited merry making. As such, the pupils with a good display of bilingualism, thrilled dignitaries and their parents in songs, recitation, dance and sketches which revealed their love for Maman, the value of friendship and peace as well as the goodness of God. The kids also displayed a good mastery of traditional dance in the country through a ballet dance dubbed “Nkoulaye.”

Joining the kids to entertain the audience was also the local artist Le Featurist in their tempo Babaah. LAB’L’s second displayed on the dance floor added fun and excitement to the event. This took the First Lady off her chairs to the dance floor. The show ushered in the reading of results and the handing of gifts to all the pupils, including old pupils of the school. The First Lady began the handing over of gifts and she was followed by other government ministers such as the Ministers of Youth Affairs and Civic Education and Basic Education as well as other dignitaries. Before leaving the school premises, the First Lady took time to visit the classrooms and appreciate the yearly performance of the pupils as well as having a common meal with the kids and parents.

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