South African Revenue Services On Nkandla Fringe Benefit Tax

South African Revenue Services (SARS) has noted the News24 article, SARS investigating Nkandla fringe benefit tax, published on 24 May 2017.

SARS wishes to reiterate that SARS is prohibited by Chapter 6 of the Tax Administration Act (TAA), 2011 to discuss or divulge information on individual taxpayers’ tax affairs.

This right to confidentiality applies to all taxpayers irrespective of one’s position, rank or status.

The report attributes comments to the Democratic Alliance MP, Mr. Alf Lees that the DA welcomes the admission by Advocate Neo Tsholanku that SARS is indeed investigating the liability by President Zuma to pay tax on the fringe benefits related to his Nkandla private residence.

SARS wishes to state it clearly that it finds the comments as mischievous, incorrect and not true.

At no stage during the SCOPA meeting did Advocate Tsholanku make specific reference to the tax affairs of President Zuma. In fact, Advocate Tsholanku’s response to SCOPA was very clear and unambiguous that taxpayer matters are confidential and that SARS does not discuss such matters.

SARS wishes to call on all South Africans, including all political parties, to promote tax compliance and, at the same time, ensure that all citizens respect the confidentiality clause of Chapter 6 of the TAA 2011 to keep all tax payers information private as prescribed by this Act.

SARS wishes to reassure all taxpayers that it does not discuss or divulge taxpayer information.

Source: Government of South Africa

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