Shipping Container Crushes Couple To Death

They were on their way to an academic defence in Douala.

A man and his wife were yesterday, September 7, 2015, crushed to death by a shipping container that fell off a Renault trailer transporting it. Mboning Simplice Rigor, who was driving a Toyota pick-up van, was on board with his wife, Ngassam Mbakop. Only Ngassam Mbeutcha Carrelle Audrelle, Mbakop’s sister, narrowly survived the accident.

The tragic incident occurred at about 3:30 pm as the family was heading for Carrefour Bassong in the Logpom neighbourhood of Douala to attend an academic defence by a relation at “l’Université ESTBI.” Following the accident, the driver of the trailer, who is said to have sustained no injury, vamoosed and as at press time, was still at large.

Officers of the Ngodi Fire Fighting Brigade arrived half an hour later and rushed the survivor to a nearby health facility. Meanwhile, the Douala V Council and the Douala City Council pulled the wreckage of the Toyota and the trailer to the corner of the road to restore normal traffic flow.

Cameroon Tribune

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