Rwanda to benefit from Fifa’s project in schools- says Mugabe

Rwanda will be one of the World governing body-FIFA member that will beneficiaries of the FIFA football development project campaign in schools according to the Rwanda Football Federation (FERWAFA), spokesperson and media officer, Bonnie Mugabe.

It is a privilege for the host the 8th FIFA Council Meeting in Kigali, besides the furthers injected in Rwanda services, economically there’s other key elements taken in Kigali that will help the development of the football in world Mugabe said.

Mugabe says that Ferwafa will benefit FIFA has presented four-year of development from 2019-2022, where FIFA will fund about $6m of football development as financial support and 1000 balls will be distributed in schools.

Football school will came as solution for us because we have already set the plans and targets of our won development but we will wait for FIFA implementation. Our focus will be on school and it is our project as well. he added

We have set our targets and we will work all districts, ministry of sports and ministry of education and hope we will benefit from that project but we will wait for FIFA to finalize the project and send to use he noted

According to Mugabe organizations working in underprivileged Rwandan football are preparing to take the initial steps in the construction of the campaign.

The aim of the campaign is to build string foundation of the football from schools and having better education, public health and football across the African continent.

In order to have better development in each sector or school has to have a mini-pitch along with classrooms and health care facilities, providing youngster with a place to play as well as access to counseling, health and educational services.

For Rwanda and Africa in general, it represents the kick-off of a campaign using the beautiful game to inspire positive social change across the continent.

FIFA will be joining forces with a host of parties to develop and rehabilitate sports fields and promote life skills through the sport of football. The project seeks to enrich the lives of a vast number of children in Rwanda and across the continent.

Governments and CAF will be aiding the youths from grassroots level by introducing football and other sporting competitions in schools.

FIFA will pump $100m in the project globally, of which $9m will go into purchasing balls to donate to schools.

FIFA will be offering a Football in Schools programme support. The far-reaching project will seek to enrich the lives of a vast number of Rwanda children by benefiting in schools. Football for schools program hearth, society facts to finance results.

Source: Confederation Africaine de Football

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