Regional Bureau for West and Central Africa Education Newsletter, December 2020

Refugee Education in West & Central Africa: 2020 Achievements
2020 has ended amidst multiple crises across the region, exacerbated by the COVID-19 global pandemic. It’s time for a quick look back to take stock of the efforts made to continue delivering education to those left furthest behind.
UNHCR has delivered crucial support to Ministries of Education to achieve measurable results and sustainable impact for forcibly displaced children and youth access to education. Thanks to our donors and partners, many specific programmes have been quickly developed and implemented to continue delivering quality education during the pandemic and build back better upon the reopening of schools – efforts that will have to continue in 2021.
The UNHCR COVID-19 response in the region reached over 100,000 girls and boys, including refugee, internally displaced and host community children. Aligned with national COVID-19 strategies, UNHCR and its partners implemented a broad range of interventions including communication and prevention campaigns, remote learning and distance education, enhanced water, sanitation and hygiene facilities, teacher support and assistance to get children back into school.
As we enter 2021, there is a dire need for enhanced cooperation and coordination between States, humanitarian and development actors if we are to deliver on Sustainable Development Goal 4 for all crisis- and displacement-affected children.

Source: UN High Commissioner for Refugees

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