PRESIDENT AHMAD AHMAD: CAF aims to develop children education

CAF Ramadan Cup 2018: Press conference

President Ahmad Ahmad: CAF aims to develop children education, we started in Egypt in Ramadan as we are in an Islamic country that allows to take part in this campaign.

Q. Could CAF organize such competitions for handicapped children?

As i explained, today is the official launching of this project, and we will follow this campaign and assess it. This project starts in Egypt and will move to other African countries.

Q. The project starts with a Ramadan Cup in Egypt. In Africa there are many children deprived from education. How can CAF help with such tournaments to promote education in Africa?

We won't proceed in the project without guaranteeing maximum profits. In Africa all children should have this privilege, not only those in schools. We will reach children in all parts of Africa and help them to come to our training centers. There are numerous centers in the continent to help children education. We will move maybe somehow slowly but will have stakeholders to help CAF financially in building new schools. Football can be a tool to help promoting good way of life in the continent.

Q. CAF strategy has been to reach all Afican countries. How can this project help with your strategies?

CAF addresses all african countries, so we have development centers in all the countries. But now we gradually discuss how this project can be promoted. We will start here and move to all the countries in Africa.

Q. How do you aid Morocco 2026 bid? And how do you see African teams chances in the 2018 World Cup?

We help Morocco bid in all means and this is obvious. We hope all media support Morocco bid too. Regarding 2018 As you know we are helping African teams in their preparations and we wish them the best of luck.

Source: Confederation Africaine de Football (CAF)

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