Pre-match Quotes for Ghana VS Algeria

Bashir Hayford (Ghana Head Coach):

This tournament is very much important for Ghanaians, this is the 11th edition and this is the 1st time the nation has had the privilege to host it. We have this twin words, HOST and WIN and that is exactly what we are working towards. We have prepared very well and judging from the circumstances, we are about 90% complete. It’s only left with the psyching and shaping of the team to kick start tomorrow.

It’s very important to us because the Black Queens of Ghana was the first African national women’s team to qualify to the world cup. Since then we have not shown up. Now it is a huge responsibility on the shoulders of the technical team to make sure that this time we kill two birds with one stone. The first bird being qualifying to the world cup and the second being winning the trophy for the first time and we are poised and determined because once we have it on our soil, we will not let anything go. So we are prepared and wish to give our supporters very good football, so that at the end of the day, we win the cup.

For the team is an opportunity to make history as the squad that won Ghana her first women’s AFCON trophy. Personally and for the technical team, it will be good for our CV as coaches. I have won all there is to in at Club level, but I believe that a new challenge of adding a national medal and trophy will be good.

Elizabeth Addo (Ghana Captain):

As hosts, we did not play qualifiers, but we had the chance and opportunity to play some good friendly matches both at home at against the likes of Zambia, Kenya and South Africa. The first two games we struggled, but in the final game against South Africa we did well and could have scored more goals. But the win was enough to boost our morale as a team.

Indeed stepping into the shoes of our predecessors is a big challenge to all the players. But we want to make history by winning it for the country for the first time. We have peaked and we are gradually taking shape and I believe that come tomorrow we should be fully ready to face Algeria.

Last two years some of us were in Cameroon but we could not win it. This time we are bringing on board all the experience we have gathered over the years, we are going to guide each and every one to go and have fun on the field.

All we want from the fans now is their support as we take one game at a time.

Radia Fertoul (Algeria Coach):

We are here to make sure that we do our best to improve on our performance in in the previous tournaments. We have not been able to qualify outside our Groups in previous tournaments, so that is our main aim for coming to this tournament.

On the game against Ghana, I know what is involved and the pressure that will be on our players because we are plating the host nation. But the girls are very ready and I believe that they will not be overwhelmed by the fans that will be coming tomorrow.

We are taking our match against Ghana very serious and we hope that we cause an upset to boost our chances in the Group ahead of our second group.

Benlazar Myriam Yasmine (Algeria Captain):

This competition is very important for us as a nation because like my coach said we have not made it past the Group stages in the competition. This is our fifth edition and we want to make an impact and move to the semifinal of the competition.

We as a team are looking to take one game at a time and we are looking forward to meeting hosts Ghana. Every team that is here is capable of winning it, so we are really scared of any team. Preparations has been good and come tomorrow we will show how ready we are to make a name for ourselves at this tournament. We hope to give them a good game.

Source: Confederation Africaine de Football

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