Pre-match quotes: Algeria vs Mali

Mohammed Saloum Houssein (Head Coach, Mali)

We are getting ready for the game against Algeria tomorrow. We are putting all serenity and concentration on grounds so we can play. We need to do all we can to make sure we progress to the next stage.

In a competition even if you are the champions or the best you need to fight your way out of the group stage first.

And since we have never been to the next round, we have the opportunity to achieve that. Now that we have a last match, we focus on that before we think of something else.

Even if winning the trophy is on our minds, we need to advance from the group stage and go forward. We are taking it step by step.

We know Algeria but not in a competitive way. We know their tactical and technical abilities so we will try as much as possible to respond to their strategies.

Sebe Coulibaly (Defender, Mali)

We are putting all our concentration and attention on the next game. Our objective is to be victorious. The game against Ghana is past and gone. We are focusing on Algeria at the moment.

I had the chance to play against Ghana in 2016 and we did our best. This time it looked like revenge for us after beating them.

I always tell my teammates that it is a new page for us to write history by winning every game and even beat the unbeatable teams. We want to chalk another history by beating Algeria tomorrow.

Buchari Rachide (Assistant Coach, Algeria)

We are preparing for the game against Mali just like we did against the two previous games. We are doing our best to make sure we get a result that can qualify us to the next round.

Even if we are beaten, we continue to fight and never give up

It is true that we have never gone past the group stages of the tournament and even we have a least chance, we will keep on fighting till the end.

Mali have a great team technically and tactically on every aspect. We will also have our weapons to fight them. Unfortunately for us, our best player Naima Bouhenni sustained injury and couldn’t make it to the tournament, which has affected our chances.

Mali have worked so hard to reach this far. Not letting out of the cat out of the bag, they have weakness and strength just like us. We are all going exploit their weakness to get a good result.

Honestly, we have learned a lot from this tournament. Most of our players are new and are making an appearance in the tournament for the first time.

Source: Confederation Africaine de Football

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