“Personality of the Month”.

Professor Eric Achidi voted Personality of the Month

The Vice-Dean in charge of Students’ Affairs and Records of the Faculty of Science has been voted as the African Regional Research Network (ARNTD) Personality of the Month.

This title honours those who exemplify a passion for teaching and research and those who have made progressive steps in monitoring and mentoring young scientists to grow in their scientific research career.

Professor Achidi was voted by the Management Board of ARNTD following his grant and groundbreaking research results. This grant enabled him to establish a malaria research team at the University of Buea and data from the research results provided justification for two other grants from the Multilateral Initiative on Malaria (MIM/TDR), which established an infectious disease lab that has trained about 50 M.Sc. and 15 PhD students.

The Dean of the Faculty of Science of the University of Buea, Professor Samuel Ayonghe congratulated Professor Achidi on this astounding and significant achievement which has raised the Faculty of Science and the University of Buea to the level that it is recognized by other individuals.

Professor Achidi has been an integral member of the Faculty of Science for many years now, and has made significant contributions to the differential distribution of NTDs in the country. His engagement today is more impactful in his role to motivate young researchers to get research funding that will ensure that they carry out high quality research and gain the necessary experience required to drive their career development plans.

Source: University of Buea

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