New guaranteed minimum wage sparks indignation

Several Cameroonians have reacted bitterly to the increase in the minimum wage in the country, describing the move as a mockery.

Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute, signed a decree on Tuesday March 21, in which he outlined the increase for various sectors within the country.

According to the document, state employees governed by the labour code will earn F CFA 41,875, agricultural and related sectors F CFA 45,000, then other sectors across the national territory F CFA 60,000.

“An increase of 5,000 FCFA, what difference does that even make?” a displeased Cameroonian wondersed. “Can someone truely meet up with demands of the society today with that amount?” another questions.

The implementation of the decision is equally doubted. “Unfortunately, this is only going to end on paper,” Nkweto Gilbert a denizen in Douala said. “The government can even go up to 200,000 FCFA, nothing will change because most employees are not registered by their employers,” he added.

Despite the controversy, some think workers should be paid according to the amount of work they do. “The salary has to be merited according to the work done,” Samuel, a businessman opinionates.

It should be noted that the spiraling prices of basic comodities has not stopped. The government attributes the situation to the current world crisis. President Paul Biya, during the recent CEMAC summit of heads of state, made allusion to the Ukraine war and Covid-19, as the main causes.

Source: Cameroon News Agency

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