New attributions of the stores to avoid a paralysis of the port of Douala

The award winners contest the operation of allocating the holds in the port, hence the decision of the general management of the Autonomous Port of Douala (PAD) to launch new operations with a view to finding a solution to avoid a paralysis of activities, announced Tuesday, officials of this port platform.

This new device was to allow to relax the atmosphere between the port officials and the Professional Group of Acconiers of Cameroon (GPAC) who intended to observe a movement of mood to denounce this situation.

“It is brought to the attention of all the spacecraft owners of holds holds by decision of April 19, 2017 that following the disputes registered with respect to the exploitable surfaces, the PAD proceeded to new topographical surveys taking into account the prescriptions of the code ISPS”, writes the director general of the PAD Cyrus Ngo’o in a statement of which APA obtained a copy.

Thus, the areas resulting from this operation will be used as a basis for ongoing invoicing, the aim being to reach a concerted decision that can meet stakeholder expectations.

Taking into account these changes, “the conventional term of the occupation of the stores initially fixed at one year, is extended until March 31, 2019”.

One of the consequences of these changes is the postponement until February 1, 2019, of applications for allocations of stores hold for the period 2019/2020.

However, says the CSA, “the payment of arrears of rental royalties of the past financial year will be a condition sine qua non to benefit from a new allocation”.

Source: Cameroon online

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