Minister urges effective collaboration between security services, citizens

Dr Archibald Yao Letsa, Volta Regional Minister, has urged cooperation between the public and security agencies to uphold mutual trust and ensure safety.

He said to provide everyone with the security needed to go about their regular business operations, effective cooperation between security forces and civilians was a must.

Dr Letsa, speaking at the Volta Regional Coordinating Council meeting, emphasised that the Regional Security Council would continue to fulfil its mandate to maintain law and order.

He said the region remained peaceful, and there was virtually little crime, and people continued to go about their daily lives and business in a safe and secure environment.

However, the Minister revealed that the region’s chieftaincy and land disputes continued to pose serious security risks.

Dr Letsa urged the parties to the disputes to resolve their issues through the judicial system and avoid taking the law into their own hands.

He appealed to the Regional House of Chiefs to settle matters that were br
ought to their notice as quickly as possible, adding that some of the parties believed that delays in the resolution of their disputes benefited the opposing side.

Dr Letsa stated that the national security campaign ‘See Something, Say Something’ was still in place and that extremists and other terrorist groups, especially those from the Sahara, remained a threat to the country.

He stated that civilians must assist in promptly and vitally providing the security services with information on any suspected security concerns, including terrorism, since the security forces could not be everywhere and there was a significant risk of local collaborators.

The Minister urged the Municipal and District Assemblies to continuously increase awareness about the campaign to help the public understand the possible threats the nation faced and to motivate them to exercise their civic responsibility by reporting any suspicions to state security.

Source: Ghana News Agency