Minister inaugurates Phase III of Integrated Programme on Fair Recruitment in Ghana

Mr Ignatius Baffour Awuah, Minister of Employment and Labour Relations, has inaugurated Phase III of Integrated Programme on Fair Recruitment (FAIR) in Ghana.

The FAIR programme, initiated by the International Labour Organisation (ILO), has been working diligently since 2015 to promote fair recruitment practices worldwide.

Phase III of the FAIR programme, supported by the Swiss Development Cooperation and the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, is a crucial continuation of this effort, with a specific focus on migration corridors including from Ghana to the Arab States.

Speaking at the inauguration of the Phase III of the FAIR programme in Accra, Mr Baffour Awuah reiterated that the event marks the beginning of an important phase in the FAIR programme’s journey towards fair recruitment and protection of the rights of migrant workers.

‘We look forward to the active participation and collaboration of all stakeholders to achieve these vital objectives,’ he stated.

He noted that the objectives of the third Phase of the Programme align with the four pillars of the Fair Recruitment Initiative strategy include enhanced Global Knowledge and Policy Guidance through strengthening and disseminating global knowledge and policy guidance related to both national and international recruitment processes.

The rest are Improving Legal Frameworks and Enforcement, Expanding Fair Business Practices and Enhancing Access to Information and Services.

He said more recently, more Ghanaians had been migrating to the Arab States in search of work.

He indicated that over the years, successive governments had made efforts to regulate and optimize labour migration to maximize its benefits for the country’s economy and its citizens.

‘However, despite these efforts, several challenges continue to persist, requiring renewed attention and innovative strategies to address them effectively.’

On the expected outcomes of the FAIR Programme, the Minister mentioned enhanced awareness and commitment among stakeholders to promote fair recruitment practices and increased knowledge sharing on best practices in labor migration and fair recruitment.

He also cited strengthened partnerships among governments, businesses, civil society, and international organisations to address fair recruitment challenges.

He said it would make policy recommendations and action plans for improving recruitment laws, policies, and enforcement.

He said it would bring about shared commitment to advancing ethical recruitment in labor migration corridors from Ghana to the Arab States.

Mr Baffour Awuah said the Programme would empower migrant workers with improved access to information and services throughout the recruitment process.

Participating institutions at the Programme launch include the Ministry of Employment and Labour Relations, the ILO, the Swiss Development Cooperation, the Trade, Union Congress (TUC) and the Ghana Enterprise Association.

Others are the Labour Department, the German Development Cooperation, the

Ghana Association of Private Employment Agencies and the Ghana Institute of Journalism.

Source: Ghana News Agency