Minister for Health meets airlines

The Minster for Health and Social Welfare, Salomón Nguema Owono, is continuing to hold meetings with various bodies, in order to control, prevent and seek mechanisms to ensure that the coronavirus does not reach our country.

On 10th March he met airline chiefs, to present the Government proposal to cancel and restrict flights, in addition to requesting collaboration with the preventative measures. The Minister also was also informed of the methods these companies use regarding vigilance and prevention.

The meeting took place in the meeting room at the ministry, and was attended by the Minister for Civil Aviation, the executive of the Coronavirus Committee, and the companies.

During his intervention, the Minster reported on the pandemic and the intention to cancel flights until the situation improved, pending a Government decision.

“We need the collaboration of the airlines because these companies understand and know who are coming in and going out, and can control them in collaboration with medics on the ground. We have to contain, and prevent the illness entering the country”, he added.

Nguema Owono sees the need to cancel all flights for a prudential period, until 30th March, and to do that he asked for all ideas and suggestions.

The majority of the companies saw as appropriate the option to temporarily stop flights, pending a Government decision.

Within the preventative measures, Salomón Nguema has selected three doctors who are flying with the company Ceiba.

The meeting ended with mutual agreement to collaborate on strict control.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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