Medium Term Plan IV Dissemination Launched In Counties

The government through the State Department for Planning has launched the dissemination of the Kenya Vision 2030 Fourth Medium Term Plan (MTP IV) 2023 -2027 in all the 47 counties.

The forums will give an opportunity to stakeholders and members of the public to discuss and propose their development priorities and develop their County Integrated Development Plans (CIDPs) that will be aligned to the MTP IV programs and Kenya Vision 2030.

Speaking in Kajiado town during the dissemination of the MTP (IV), Environment Cabinet Secretary Soipan Tuya noted that the plan is in line with the Bottom-Up Economic Transformation Agenda (BETA) as outlined in the Kenya Kwanza manifesto and has been integrated into actionable priorities.

It is aimed at reducing the cost of living, eradicating hunger, creating 1.2 million jobs annually, expanding the tax base, improving foreign exchange and enhancing inclusive growth.

‘The Fourth MTP will strive to strengthen the country’s economic sector and create employment opportunitie
s, reduce poverty and create a conducive environment for investment,’ Tuya said.

She added that the Fourth MTP which succeeds the Third MTP whose implementation came to an end on 30th June 2023, is geared towards economic turnaround and inclusive growth through a value chain approach.

The CS said the objectives will be achieved through targeted investments across five BETA pillars of Agriculture, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Economy (MSME), Housing and Settlement, Healthcare, and Digital Superhighway and Creative Economy.

On his part, Kajiado Governor Joseph Lenku noted that it was important for the public to participate in the ongoing forums across the country as their input will inform the development agenda of each county.

He added that the MTP IV addresses the needs of the people and gives a chance to them to outline their areas of priority and development needs.

‘The MTP IV addresses the development needs of our county such as road infrastructure and agriculture. This will guide the developme
nt agenda for the country and promote social and economic growth,’ said Lenku.

He added that the MTP IV aims to transform the lives of those at the bottom through engineering an economic turn-around thereby uplifting lives.

Other leaders present during the MTP IV dissemination exercise include Irrigation PS Euphantus Kimotho, County Commissioner James Taari, Kajiado Senator Kanar Seki, and Kajiado West MP George Sunkuiya among others.

Source: Kenya News Agency