Maio: Difficulty in obtaining credit and financing among the main demands of young people and small entrepreneurs

Young people and small entrepreneurs from Maio pointed out on Saturday, the 12th, during a meeting with the Minister of Finance, obtaining credit and financing to boost and implement their business as main demands and constraints.

The concern was raised by the majority of those who are present during the meeting and reinforced to Inforpress by the president of the Young Entrepreneurs Association of the island of Maio, Élvio Rosa, for whom young people and entrepreneurs still face different orders of difficulties, starting with problems with the transport of goods between the City of Praia and Porto Inglês.

But, as advocated by that representative, the greater embarrassment the class has been facing on the island of Maio is difficulty in obtaining credit or financing from the bank for the implementation of their projects. Hence, he stressed, the invitation to Olavo Correia, who, in addition to Deputy Prime Mminister and Minister of Finance, holds the Business Development portfolio, to attend the meeting.

The meeting, according to Élvio Rosa, served to give the Minister knowledge on the real problems the island’s entrepreneurs, ranging from the lack of opportunity and discrimination in public tender, in which young people and small entrepreneurs are placed “outside”, to the water supply, which has been causing some problems, especially to those operating in the tourism sector.

Source: Inforpress

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