Let’s add value to our lives- Rev. Mrs. Tegbe Agbo advises women

Rev. Mrs. Patricia Akpene Tegbe-Agbo, the National Coordinator of the Women’s Ministry of the Global Evangelical Church (GEC), has appealed to women, especially those in the church, to be intentional in upgrading themselves to become more resourceful not only to their families but to society as well.

She said the era when women sat aloof and expected all their supplies from their male counterparts was long gone, adding that, ‘now men are more enthused about women who can support them in some way no matter how small.’

Rev. Mrs. Tegbe-Agbo was speaking at a four-day rally organised by the Tamale Presbytery Women’s Ministry of the Church on the theme: ‘The Woman who Pursues Righteousness.’

The 2023 Rally was held at the GEC Triumphant Chapel, Tamale Central.

The Women’s National Coordinator said women must personally build their own capacities since God had already given them the creative ability to do so.

‘To build our capacities as women does not necessarily mean all of us going to school. It simply means each and every one of us must find something lucrative to do and ensure that, we are best in what we do’, she said.

Rev. Mrs. Tegbe-Agbo cautioned the women, especially those in the informal jobs not to despise what they do.

Often, some people look down on what they do and try to compare their jobs with that of others. Beloved, that is a deception from the pit of hell. Let us appreciate the fact that, whatever work our hands find to do is a special ministry given to us by God.

We therefore need to attach all the seriousness that it deserves to it. God can bless your pure water selling business and out of it, you can send your children to school and put a roof over your head provided you put in your very best, she concluded.

Rev. Wisdom Adegle, the Tamale Presbytery Chairman, speaking on the theme, said the call to holiness must penetrate every area of the women’s lives and not only by paying lip service to it.

He charged the Global Women to lead the crusade in holy living so as to change the negative narrative in the perverse world in which they find themselves.

Mrs. Grace Akortsu, the Tamale Presbytery Women’s Ministry Leader, on behalf of the leadership welcomed all the participants.

She challenged them to live all what they have been taught in practical terms, adding that, the subject of holy living was not meant for only pastors and leaders but everybody.

The 2023 Rally exposed the Tamale Presbytery Women to Spiritual empowerment, economic and family life training as well as health education among others.

Dignitaries who witnessed the Rally included Ms. Bushira Alhassan, Northern Regional Director for Gender, Children and Social Protection, Lady Ps. Dr. Mrs. Priscilla Alhassan a Medical Director/Associate Pastor, Mr. Noble Dormenu and Dr. (MH)Mrs Eunice Addae Azawutor, the Tamale Presbytery Male and Female Presbyters on the Synod Committee respectively among others. There were also solidarity messages from the Women’s Fellowship of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Women’s Fellowship.

Source: Ghana News Agency