Landslides Threaten To Cut off Buea-Mutengene Road

Heavy rains and resulting landslides have transformed the road into a potential death trap.

Residents of Buea and the South West in general now live in constant fear as the busiest road leading to regional headquarters is fast becoming a death trap. When Cameroon Tribune visited the affected portion along the infamous Dipanda Hill on the Buea-Mutengene highway on August 18, 2015, huge rocks and mud from the adjacent hill had virtually blocked half of the road.

A few days earlier, a transport bus was almost completely destroyed after mud and rocks crashed on the road as the vehicle was descending the steep slope. Even yesterday, August 19, 2015, another landslide occurred at site, cutting off traffic for some time. It took the efforts of youth from Mutengene to clear the road.

Many people are asking what the authorities are doing to protect the lives of the people. Being a major gateway into Buea, this road is indispensable to socio-economic activities of the South West Region. Every rainy season, it is the same phenomenon as disaster looms, threatening passing vehicles and pedestrians. One life was lost at the site last year after a similar landslide.
Observers say urgent measures are needed to solve the problem. If not, there may be more loss of lives and access to and from Buea totally blocked.

In the meantime, the local public transport union has warned members to be cautious while approaching the dangerous spot. Apart from the landslides on the Buea-Mutengene road, Buea still faces frequent deadly accidents between the Police Roundabout and Mile 17 stretch, especially near the GCE Board Junction. Speed brakes are being erected along the street by Buea Council to check the situation, but some residents have already expressed reservations as to their efficiency.

Cameroon Tribune

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