Government ensures food aid for people affected by drought

Ondjiva – At least 284.780 people in southern Cunene province affected by drought will benefit, within days, from food assistance, said Tuesday in Ondjiva the Secretary of State for Social Action, LA�cio do Amaral.

Speaking to Angop, on the sidelines of the visit of the multisectoral committee to assess the consequences of the drought in Cunene, the Secretary of State said that next Friday will arrive the first batch of various foodstuffs.

Without advancing the quantity, said that among the food items are rice, maize flour , oil, beans, sugar and soap.

In water sector, Luis Filipe da Silva, Secretary of State for Water, ensured the opening of more underground holes and the repair of inoperative wells, as well as the construction of reservoirs.

He said that urgent measures should be implemented in a short period of time to address the lack of drinking water for the population in rural areas.

There is all the institutional and technical support of the ministry to work with the local government, so as to immediately address the water shortage facing the population, he said.

The State Secretary of Health for the Hospital Area, Leonardo InocA�ncio, said that the drought situation poses a health risk to the people who are consuming the inappropriate water.

Without specifying data, he said that the Ministry of Health, in the coming days will proceed to send more medicines to treat untreated water.

The multisectoral commission to assess the consequences of the drought in Cunene, which has worked in the province for two days and visited Ombala yo mungo commune, municipality of Ombadja, is headed by the Minister of Territory Administration and State Reform, AdAPound o de Almeida.

Source: Government of Angola

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