Ghanaian entrepreneurs seek market in Cabo Verde for cosmetic and food products

A group of Ghanaian entrepreneurs is in the City of Praia in contact with Cabo Verdean entrepreneurs with a view to exporting cosmetic and food products from the Ghanaian industry to Cabo Verde.

The contact takes place in the framework of the European Union/ECOWAS Export Development project aimed at promoting exports and trade within the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and is being facilitated by the Cabo Verdean company CGE- International Strategic Consultants, in partnership with EESA Belgium.

CGE Company Director General, economist and consultant José Agnelo Sanches explained to Inforpress that the project includes some ECOWAS countries, including Ghana.

“In this three-day B2B we are organizing we are promoting cosmetic products and food products such as oil, cashew and various other products from Ghana’s industry. Ghana’s exporters who are here are operators who already export to Nigeria, Senegal, Europe and other African countries and are trying to discover the Cabo Verde market,” he explained.

Source: Inforpress

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