Flokefama Refurbishes Korle Bu Blood Bank to enhance healthcare quality

Flokefama, a medical equipment solutions company in Ghana, has refurbished the Korle Bu Blood Bank as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The refurbishment was at a cost of GHS200,000. The support aimed at improving the quality of blood testing and storage, ensuring safe and reliable blood transfusions for patients in need. A statement issued in Accra by the Company said the comprehensive refurbishment included essential upgrades such as floor tiling, a fresh coat of paint throughout the Blood Bank, and the installation of modern washroom facilities and worktops. It said the facility now boasted of a more comfortable environment with the addition of new air conditioning units, new sinks and furniture, and updated netting for enhanced safety and security. The Korle Bu Blood Bank, an integral part of the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital facility, had long been in dire need of refurbishment due to a lack of basic equipment. It said the deficiency had hindered the delivery of quality healthcare services, particularly in blood collection and distribution. Mr. Emmanuel Teye Kenney, the Chief Executive Officer of Flokefama Company Limited, expressed the company’s unwavering commitment to supporting quality healthcare delivery in Ghana. ‘Advancing quality healthcare delivery in Ghana is not merely a duty; it’s a fundamental right that belongs to all Ghanaians. Flokefama’s steadfast dedication to contributing to the country’s progress is unwavering. We recognize our responsibility to uplift our nation, and this refurbishment, as part of our CSR, is just the beginning,’ he said. He said they pledged to extend support to other vital institutions and facilities that required similar interventions and signified Flokefama’s unwavering dedication to elevating healthcare standards in Ghana, ensuring that life-saving blood transfusions were readily available for those in need. He said by modernizing the Korle Bu Blood Bank and equipping it with essential facilities, Flokefama had not only improved the quality of healthcare but also bolstered the nation’s emergency response capabilities. Dr. Harry Akoto, the Acting Medical Director of Korle Bu Teaching Hospital, commended Flokefama for its timely intervention. ‘With this revitalized facility, our medical professionals can now fulfil their vital mission more effectively, ensuring the collection, rigorous testing, and reliable distribution of safe and quality blood,’ he said. He said Flokefama’s dedication stood as a resounding testament to the private sector’s unwavering commitment to advancing healthcare delivery in Ghana. ‘I implore other companies to emulate this example and actively participate in the ongoing enhancement of our nation’s health sector,’ he added. He said the Company’s investment in the Korle Bu Blood Bank exemplified the positive impact that corporate social responsibility initiatives could have on critical healthcare infrastructure, ultimately benefiting the well-being of the Ghanaian people. ‘This transformative initiative underscores the immense potential of private sector collaboration in driving advancements within the healthcare sector of our nation. It not only sets an inspiring example but also serves as a compelling model for other organizations to emulate, fostering a collective commitment to elevate healthcare standards and make a lasting impact on the well-being of Ghanaians,’ he said.

Source: Ghana News Agency