Fecafoot promises to respect Biya’s instructions

By Biwah Bryan

The Cameroon Football governing body has finally bowed to instructions from the presidency. Fecafoot had previously dragged its feet on the appointment of a new head coach for the national football team.

The head coach of the Indomitable Lions, Marc Brys, made his inaugural visit to the Cameroon Football Federation on Monday, following his absence from the initial meeting convened by FECAFOOT, facilitated by its Secretary General.

Accompanying Brys was the technical advisor to the Minister of Sports, Cyrille Tollo, who directed the coach’s interactions at FECAFOOT, including barring Brys from addressing the press. Also in attendance were his assistant, Joachim Mununga, and other members of the Indomitable Lions’ technical staff, such as goalkeeper trainer Carlos Kameni who was appointed by Fecafoot.

Notably, despite Brys having collaborated with the minister’s technical team for a short duration, he reportedly fostered professional relationships with Fecafoot’s technical personnel.

the meeting, Fecafoot reiterated to Brys that player call-ups would adhere to his preselections, with any non-compliance brought to his attention for suitable replacements.

However, following the denial of Marc Brys from speaking to the press, Cyrille Tollo disclosed that Brys’ attendance at the meeting signaled his willingness to collaborate with the Cameroon Football Federation. Tollo further clarified, stating, ‘There’s no longer any debate; what the Minister of Sports is currently undertaking is simply following the directives of the president.’

Source: Cameroon News Agency