FECAFOOT Elections: Brigitte Mebande Cries Foul, Reinstates Candidacy

She spoke at a press conference in Yaounde last Saturday.

After her candidacy was invalidated for the November 2014 elections, Brigitte Mebande is coming back in full force, this time flanked by another disappointed candidate, Jules Nyongha, the president of the association of amateur clubs, Henri Claude Mbala Ongolo, Abdouraman Hamadou, president of Etoile filante of Garoua and André Parfait Bell representing the Littoral coalition.

In a press conference on Saturday at the hotel Le depute in Yaounde, the former president of Union sportive d’Abong-bang said she was representing her candidature for the presidency of Fecafoot. She said the elections at the Divisional and Regional level in the East Region was marred by fraud while people were given money to throw her name out of the list.

She said she filed a complaint and the Normalisation Committee only replied on September 15 when the election was on September 14. She criticised the consensus, saying it was made with only one candidate, Tombi A Roko while the others like Bell, Jules Nyongha, Penne Robert and herself were not invited. She said she was in support of consensus but that it had to done with the real actors that are the candidates of the aborted elections of November 2014.

Brigitte Mebande and Jules Nyongha declared that they were joining forces together but failed to say who was absorbing who. They however promised to work to harmonise their programmes.

  • Cameroon Tribune

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