Export Bahrain participates in seventh MENA Angel Investors Summit

Manama, Export Bahrain has participated in the seventh MENA Angel Investors Summit 2022, hosted by the Bahrain-based Angel Investment Company Tenmou as a key eco system partner.

The summit coincides with Export Week, convened by Export Bahrain as part of the Global Entrepreneurship Week, and provides an invaluable opportunity to forge connections between local startups and international investors.

Export Bahrain presented the opening speech on the inaugural day of the conference at the Arcapita Headquarters in Bahrain Bay, showcasing the vast array of export services and solutions Export Bahrain can offer to support businesses based in the Kingdom to connect with new markets across the region and prosper through export-driven growth.

The seventh MENA Angel Investors Summit has brought together investors, venture capital firms, and other businesses from across the Middle East and North Africa to establish mutually beneficial connections and partnerships that combine the capital of well-established entities with the promising initiatives of startups to unlock the potential for long-term and high-growth investment opportunities in the dynamic Tech industry.

Export Bahrain participated in the session to promote its mission to nurture and accelerate the growth of businesses based in Bahrain and to provide a platform to empower local and regional start-ups and connect them to investment opportunities across the MENA region and support their access to international markets by offering them a wide spectrum of solutions to propel their products and services into larger scale distribution in markets across the region and increase exposure to Bahrain’s trade potential.

“This event will surely highlight the various contributions in supporting the region’s ecosystem through exchanging expertise and addressing the new market gaps and other promising opportunities,” Export Bahrain CEO Safa Sharif AbdulKhaliq said.

“Export Bahrain’s expertise in providing export services and solutions to customers across many regions and industries means that businesses attending the conference can take advantage not only of the financing opportunities presented by the presence of so many investment angels, but of the tailor-made support packages Export Bahrain offers to businesses in Bahrain endeavoring to enter new markets and take advantage of the growth opportunities.”

Tenmou CEO Nawaf Al Kooheji said they are thrilled at the incredible turnout this year, from a wide selection of promising startups from across the Kingdom of Bahrain and the wider MENA region.

“The summit is the perfect opportunity for high potential startups to establish connections with the capital and knowledge they need to scale up their businesses on a regional leve,” he said.

Source: Bahrain News Agency