Draconian Security Measures in Place

After three hours of serious brainstorming, 15 measures were adopted to strengthen security and nib in the bud any acts of terror that may have dismal consequences on the lives and property of the population in the South West Region. Amongst the measures is the installation of metal detectors in motor-parks and bus stations, ban on night travel from 6 pm to 6 am in the creeks and ports, bars to be shut-down as from 9 pm, public ceremonies to be officially declared and night church activities stopped.

Similarly, there will be a census of commercial motor-bikes, no activities of motor-bike riders to be allowed from 9 pm to 6 am, abandoned vehicles along the roads to be cleared, children found wandering to be taken to police stations, all creeks to be either closed or seriously scrutinized, systematic control of all foreign communities enforced, the head of foreign communities will be responsible for crimes committed by their compatriots, clandestine transportation banned, amongst others. An extended working session held with security chiefs, Senior Divisional Officers, Divisional Officers, Mayors, Government Delegates, amongst others. The main objective of the emergency get-together was to harmonize security strategies aimed at facing security challenges posed by terrorists of the defunct Boko Haram sect (now known as the Islamic State of West Africa).

Governor Bernard Okalia Bilai made a special appeal to security forces to demonstrate very high level of discipline, commitment, professionalism and avoid any unnecessary harassment or ill-treatment of the public. He recalled the unprecedented and painful loss of lives in the Far North Region, insisting that it will be naive and a monumental miscalculation to reduce the state of alertness by thinking that such terrorist acts cannot occur in the South West Region. He called on the population to work in partnership with security forces to pre-empt unpleasant surprises. He called for extreme vigilance in worship places, markets, public ceremonies, motor-parks and bus stations that are vulnerable to terrorist attacks with the main objective of traumatizing people.

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