Death of HacAne Lalmas: the journey of a legend of Algerian football

Footballer HacAne Lalmas, considered a legend in Algeria, died on Saturday, July 7 in the afternoon, at his home in Algiers at the age of 75, learned TSA from his family

He had been in a comatose state for a fortnight. The deceased suffered the consequences of a stroke which forced him to limit his movements and his outings.

Born in Bir Mourad RaA�s, in Algiers, HacAne Lalmas began his sporting career, at age 10, in the OM El Annaser. He stopped his training at the request of the FLN in 1958 to focus on the support of Algerian liberators.

After independence, he resumed at the OMR at the request of Smail Khabatou. In the 1960s, HacAne Lalmas marked his passage in football practice at the CRB in Algiers for ten years, between 1963 and 1973, alongside, among others, Salmi, Kalem, Boudjenoune, Abrouk and Achour. They formed the famous "machine gun attack" club belcourtois.

A striker outstanding

With the CRB, he won four times the championship of Algeria (between 1965 and 1970) and three times the cup of Algeria, in 1966, 1969 and 1970. In 1969, the CRB won the title of the championship of Algeria, the Algeria Cup and the Maghreb Cup, a feat rarely equaled.

This outstanding striker was illustrated in the famous match between Algeria and the USSR, in 1964, housing the ball deep in the net of the legendary Lev Yachine, best goalkeepers in the world during the last century, according to the International Federation of Football History and Statistics (IFFHS).

"Best Algerian player of the twentieth century"

After the CRB, HacAne Lalmas, a true playmaker, evolved at NA Hussein Dey, between 1973 and 1975, then at the IR Sante, before retiring from the land in 1976.

"HacAne Lalmas was a ph football enomene. I knew him as a player and coach. At the time, the player was ahead in football by his technical and physical qualities, by the sense of vision and by his aura. He coached the others to make Chabab the team that won several titles, "said Hamid Boudjenoune, team-mate of the deceased at CRB, El Bilad TV.

In 1999, the newspaper" Echibek "organized a poll of coaches, players, leaders and sports journalists to designate "the best Algerian player of the XXth century"

The name of HacAne Lalmas is came out first, followed by Rabah Madjer, Lakhdar Belloumi, Rachid Makhloufi, Miloud Hadefi, Mustapha Zitouni and Salah Assad

HacAne Lalmas was also part of the national team for eight years during which he scored fifteen goals. History will remember that it was he who scored the first Algerian goal during the final phase of the African Cup of Nations in Ethiopia in 1968. HacAne Lalmas trained the national junior team.

HacAne Lalmas will be buried this Sunday, July 8 at Garidi cemetery in Algiers, after the prayer of El Dohr.

Source: Confederation Africaine de Football

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