COVID-19 Situation update for the WHO African Region, External Situation Report 15 (10 June 2020)

The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak continues in the WHO African Region (with Algeria confirming the first case on 25 February 2020), with rising incidence cases and associated deaths. Since our last situation report on 3 June 2020 (External Situation Report 14), an additional 33 555 new confirmed COVID-19 cases (a 31% increase) were reported from 44 countries. During this period, six countries in the WHO African region observed the highest percentage increase in cases: Mauritania 98% (from 588 to 1 162 cases), Ethiopia 74% (from 1 344 to 2 336 cases), Central African Republic 73% (from 1 069 to 1 850 cases), South Sudan 62% (from 994 to 1 606 cases) and Zimbabwe 52% (from 206 to 314 cases). In the same reporting week, Malawi and Namibia reported clusters of cases that were identified in quarantine areas as nationals continue to return from neighbouring affected countries. Three new countries, Cabo Verde, Ethiopia and Uganda, joined the list of countries reporting health worker infections. The region has registered 18 643 new recoveries in this reporting period compared to 15 015 in our previous report.

Source: World Health Organization

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