Court to Adjudicate Over North West Fons’ Imbroglio

Opponents argue that incumbent NOWEFU President, Senator Fon Teche Njei II, no longer has the competence to act on behalf of the Union.

The High Court of Mezam is expected to draw the lines on dissenting voices rocking the leadership of the North West Fons Union (NOWEFU). In effect, His Majesty, Chafah Isaac XI, promoter and co- founder of NOWEFU, has filed a motion praying the court to judge if Senator Fon Teche Njei II, incumbent President General of NOWEFU has the right to, extend his tenure of office without the approval of the General Assembly.

The motion equally seeks answers on whether the incumbent has the right to convene the Union’s executive meeting after the expiry of his tenure of office in March 2015, and transform the said meeting into a general assembly and amend the constitution. The motion argues that there is a stalemate at the helm of NOWEFU which warrants a vacancy declared because from the look of things, the incumbent no longer has the locus standi to act on behalf of the union.

The imbroglio was recently fuelled by a May 18, 2015 correspondence by His Majesty Fon Chafah XI to the Mezam SDO. The correspondence accused Fon Teche Njei II of refusing to convene an elective general assembly after the expiration of his mandate, thereby putting the cardinal principles of rotation based on fairplay and justice to jeopardy. The accused, Senator Fon Teche Njei II, told Cameroon Tribune that Fon Chafah’s correspondence to the SDO was personal because he was not mandated by the Fons of the North West Region.

The incumbent, however, convened an emergency executive committee and general assembly on May 29, 2015 in the Bambui Palace during which the constitution was revised and adopted and an elective general assembly scheduled for November 28, 2015. Donga- Mantung Division was also designated to produce the next President General.

The event equally rehabilitated their messenger, Spokesman and Ambassador, Ntumfor Nico Halle, who was suspended indefinitely with claims by the previous President General, Fon Chafah XI that he attempted to destabilise and destroy the Union. Fon Teche Njei II’s executive said the decision was irregular. The decisions taken at the Bambui Palace assembly has not helped matters with the court now brought in to draw the lines. The matter before Justice Mbaki Vivian was adjourned to July 22, 2015.

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