Centre: Family members cheat death as building collapses, kills one

By Charity Nginyu

Tragedy struck today in Soa, in the Centre region of Cameroon, as a building collapse claimed the life of a young girl while miraculously sparing the lives of other family members.

The incident occurred in an abandoned and under-construction two-story building where a family had been residing.

Eyewitnesses recount the harrowing moments following the collapse. ‘I was on the scene and helped to rescue some of the victims from the rubble,’ said Graffin Nkou, an eyewitness.

Among the casualties, a young girl, aged between 14 and 15, tragically lost her life as she was crushed by falling debris.

However, amidst the chaos, three young children were miraculously rescued. Among them was a baby girl who was playing in the courtyard at the time of the collapse, along with her two brothers who were trapped under the debris and later rescued by emergency responders. Sources say they are receiving medical treatment at a nearby hospital.

The most miraculous survival story of all is that of their old
er brother, believed to be under 20 years old. Despite being trapped under two collapsed slabs while sitting on his bed, he managed to survive thanks to the swift intervention of the local community. The collapsed slabs, sources reveal formed a protective barrier around him, shielding him from further harm.

‘It was thanks to his cellphone that we were able to locate him,’ explained Graffin. ‘He signaled his position, and we, the community, dug tirelessly until we reached him.’

Source: Cameroon News Agency