YAOUNDE– Cameroon’s speaker of the National Assembly Cavaye Yeguie Djibril on Friday criticized post-electoral “disorder and division” in the country.

“I strongly oppose to any call for civil disobedience and division. I therefore appeal to your collective sense of responsibility.” Djibril said at the opening of the November ordinary session of the National Assembly.

Djibril stressed that the Oct. 7 presidential election which saw incumbent Paul Biya re-elected unfolded in “calm and serenity” .

The condemnation came following frequent protests by supporters of Maurice Kamto of Cameroon Renaissance Movement who claimed to have won the election.

Djibril also expressed concerns over comments by the president of the National Episcopal Conference, Archbishop Samuel Kleda, questioning the authenticity of the results in favour of Paul Biya in war-torn English-speaking regions of Southwest and Northwest.

“Moral authorities, men of God in general in my opinion, have the sacred duty to preach peace, unity and co-existence and not to sow the seeds of discord. They have the sacred mission to convey a message of togetherness and appeasement, not to incite violence and confrontation.” Djibril said.

The National Assembly was meeting after nearly four months of recess. The president-elect Paul Biya is expected to be sworn-in by the National Assembly early next week.


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