Cameroon UNHCR Buea IDP Response Operational Update: North West and South West Regions (18 – 22 February 2019)

UNHCR Response

Shelter/ NFI Support

In the South West and North West Regions, the security situation remains volatile, fluid and unpredictable. After the 10 days lock down, ghost towns were again observed on 18, 20 & 22 of February 2019. UNHCR’s partner INTERSOS, redeployed staff to the field in (Kumba and Mamfe areas) and continued distribution of shelter kits. Initial feedback from some recipients, wasn’t so positive prompting a meeting between INTERSOS and UNHCR Buea to review the strategy. According to the scheduled timetable, shelter kits distribution will take place in Banga Bakundu areas on 28 February 2019 and distributions will continue in other areas as planned, and measures will be taken not to force the shelter materials to the POC and compromise the whole process. Meanwhile AIRD has already been informed not to transfer more timber from the warehouses in Douala, until the stock of more than 4,000 shelter kits and wooden beams already in INTERSOS’ warehouse in Kumba are distributed to 12,900 IDPs in Meme and 7,100 in Manyu Division, as planned in the weeks ahead.

Protection Delivery

INTERSOS will from 28 February 2019 begin the distribution of shelter kits to IDPs in the Meme and Manyu Divisions of the SW region. Targeted beneficiaries will include female headed households including homes with pregnant or lactating women. Families with at least one elderly person or persons living with disabilities including chronically or seriously ill people, will also be prioritised. Large families with more than five children under 18 years of age, child-headed households and unaccompanied and separated children, will also receive shelter kits.

Recipients will also include IDP families living in spontaneous settlements or with host families in poor and makeshift shelter conditions. Families living in community or private structures with no solid walls or in unfinished buildings as well as IDPs with limited or no income to meet their shelter needs will also receive assistance.

The recent court ruling in the matter against the Separatist Leaders, did not meet their expectations and those of the Defence Counsel. Thus it is most likely that ghost towns and insecurity will continue or escalate. INTERSOS’ protection monitors in the field recorded 47cases involving human rights violations and abuses in the South West and 7 cases in the Northwest. This brings to 1,947 the total number of protection incidents documented since mid-November

Source: UN High Commissioner for Refugees

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