Cameroon: Richard Amougou Celebrating 20 Years in Music

The artist presented his new album entitled Le Temps in a press conference in Yaounde on February 18, 2020.

The new album of Richard Amougou entitled Le Temps was presented to the public on February 18, 2020 during a press conference at Hotel Safyad in Yaounde. The album, number eight of its kind consists of eight tracks with a good number of featuring and quality sounds to thrill fans. This is one of the major innovations of the artist in prelude to the celebration of his 20 years in the music world. In the album he talks of daily happenings, love and also of living together. Added to this, the artist promised a live concert to take place at the Yaounde Multipurpose Sports Complex on July 25, 2020. Le temps, the musician said, was not chosen haphazardly; this because time is a very precious thing he cherishes which for him signifies that the time has come for him to take his stand in Bikutsi, which is a genre of Music. He added that the choreography of the tracks was done by his dancers and he just approved of it. Henri Minko, an artist/musician, who was a member of the panel, said the technical aspect of the album was one that presented experience, endurance and performance. He added that they put an accent on the quality of the sound, beats and rhythm to give it a more pleasant taste from its predecessors. Other members of the panel were; Master Ivo, Bertrand Eba, Martial Zoa, Fabien Nguemo and Claude Etoundi, who in one way or the other contributed to the success of the album. They all wished one thing, for the objectives the album seeks to make to be attained. When asked why the long wait before the presentation of a new album, the artist said as the adage goes who walks slowly goes surely he said, I took time to observe an album such that I get more inspiration and maturity to present to the public a more matured version of the previous one. Born in a family of modest persons, Richard began as one of the dancers of the famous female Bikutsi artist known as La femme du people, K-Tino. His career began when he met Fam Ndzengue, a Bikutsi artist in the 90’s who was a source of inspiration for him. But the death of the latter sparked off the career of the young artist resulting to the first album titled Remember Fam Ndzengue which he did with the Super Oguet International crew. Seven other albums preceded this with the latest being Le temps.

Source: All Africa

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