Cameroon: North-West and South-West Regions, Health Cluster Update, 1-7 August 2020 | Bulletin # 13 – 08 August, 2020

• In NW region, 14 out of the I9 health districts reported confirmed cases of COVID-l9. 65 % of the cases have been recorded in Bamenda and 13% of total cases recorded in Fundong health district.
• In SW region, 10 out of the I8 health districts reported confirmed cases of COVID-l9. 74% of the cases have been recorded in Buea and Limbe health districts.
• WHO in partnership with SW regional delegation of public health supported by the staff from the Ministry of Health (MOH) conducted a briefing for Cholera vaccination campaign in SW Region.
• Sensitization is being strengthened to boost the response and uptake of testing in both regions.
• More health districts need to be trained and provided with tools for effective contact tracing.
• Stronger sensitization is required to counter the misinformation about the management of COVID-19 in the communities and at health facilities.
• More human resources required for case management in NWSW regions.
• There is need for additional vehicles (4X4) for rapid deployment of investigations teams and logistics in both regions.
• There is need for more CHWs to be trained and empowered to carryout community activities.
• There is limited infrastructure for COVID-19 case management
• Limited number of vehicles at the delegation for COVID-19 response
• Limited number of CHWs involved in the COVID-19 response at the community level.
• Very few communities tested using RDTs in remote health districts

Source: Health Cluster

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