Cameroon: Legislative Election 2020 – Constitutional Council Proclaims Results Today

The highly awaited event will take place at the Yaounde Conference Centre-based premises of the Constitutional Council.

The final and long-awaited phase of the February 9 2020 legislative election in Cameroon will come today February 28 2020 as the Constitutional Council will proclaim the final results. The results will not concern the 11 constituencies in Bui Momo Mezam and Menchum Divisions of the North West Region and the Lebialem constituency in the South West Region in which partial election would have to be organised following the cancellation of the election therein by the Constitutional Council during ruling on the post-elections petitions that took place on February 24 and 25 2020. This concerns 13 seats in the National Assembly. Today’s event will therefore be a logical conclusion and confirmation of the results of the election of 167 Members of the National Assembly in the other constituencies either whose results were not contested in the Constitutional Council or in which the Council rejected the petitions. The proclamation of the election results will be in compliance with Section 168 of the Electoral Code which provides that The Constitutional Council shall ensure the regularity of the election of Members of Parliament. It shall proclaim the results within a maximum period of 20 days with effect from the date of closure of polls. This will practically end the work of the Constitutional Council in the ordinary phase of the electoral process. At the end of it and in respect of Subsection 3 of Section 168 of the Electoral Code the Constitutional Council has to prepare The report on the conduct of the electoral operations and proclamation of results shall be prepared by the Constitutional Council in four copies. It shall file the original copy and forward the other copies to the Ministry in charge of territorial administration the National Assembly and the Electoral Board. After the proclamation of results it would be possible to start having new map of Cameroon’s National Assembly while waiting for the results of the election rerun in the 11 constituencies. Today’s event will also set the stage for the operations for the start of the tenth legislative period in Cameroon’s National Assembly. Section 148 (4) of the Electoral Code states that The term of office of Members of Parliament shall commence on the day of the session held as of right following the election. Subsection 5 specifies that The National Assembly shall meet as of right in ordinary session on the second Tuesday following the proclamation of results of the election of Members of Parliament by the Constitutional Council. This implies that the session in the National Assembly shall take place on Tuesday March 10 2020.

Source: All Africa

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