Cameroon: Commonwealth Day Democratic Values Propagated

Minister Felix Mabyu officially launched activities marking the celebration of the Commonwealth Day at the Reunification Monument on March 2 2020.

Upholding values of peace democracy inclusive development and respect for diversity are some of the core principles which have been highlighted to be promoted by citizens as Cameroon joins member countries of the Commonwealth to commemorate the Commonwealth Day. The Minister Delegate to the Minister of External Relations Felix Mbayu on March 2 2020 in the presence of administrative officials and High Commissioners of Commonwealth countries officially launched activities for the 2020 edition of the Commonwealth Day to be commemorated on March 9 2020 under the theme Delivering A Common Future: Connecting Innovating Transforming. In his keynote address which essentially centred on peace and democratic values Minister Mbayu said Cameroon Commonwealth relations for this year will be on the spotlight in two key dimensions. Firstly it marks the 25th anniversary of Cameroon’s membership in the Commonwealth family. Secondly the Heads of the Commonwealth will be meeting in Africa precisely in Rwanda in a couple of months to chart a refreshed path forward for their people he stated. The Commonwealth Day Minister Mbayu explained affords citizens of the 54 member countries the opportunity to come together to acknowledge publicly and collectively the aspirations of the Commonwealth at upholding shared values of democracy inclusive development and respect for diversity. Highlighting on the choice of the Reunification Monument in Yaounde as venue to launch week long activities the Minister Delegate said the historic edifice is the embodiment of the strength of Cameroon’s diversity and spirit of unity. It is not by chance that this edifice sits at the heart of Cameroon’s military headquarters. It is shielded by the brave and professional young men and women who have firm conviction for peace and security as prerequisites for the social economic and political development of their country. We will commit to support the military servitude and grandeur to work together to handle the unprecedented threats to peace and security while avowing to popular demands for democracy human rights and broadened economic opportunities Minister Mbayu stated. Ecumenical prayers for peace were offered for the nation in relation to the situation plaguing the North West and South West Regions.

Source: All Africa

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