Cameroon campaigns to get local investors to go on the Douala Stock Exchange

(Business in Cameroon) – From July 27 to August 25, 2015, the Cameroonian Minister Finance will be holding for local investors across the country, an operation called “the stock market caravan,” announced the general directorate of the Treasure Department in an official release.

The initiative is a “campaign to spead stockmarket culture” in country, which aims to encourage investors and businesses to enter the Douala Stock Exchange (DSX), Cameroon’s securities exchange.

For a month, Treasury Department agents will be presenting, to a target audience, the opportunities that the Douala stock market offers in terms of alternate financing as well as support measures to encourage operations of the Cameroonian financial market.

Indeed, although businesses endlessly complain about difficulty accessing financing in traditional banks, the Douala Stock Exchange has listed only three companies since 2006 for a total stock capital of a little over 500 billion FCFA.

Experts believe the disinterest of Cameroonian companies in the financial market, despite the tax advantages put in place by the government to encourage investors to use it, lies in a lack of stock market culture and the expense of using the Douala Stock Exchange’s services.

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