Cameroon: Balikumbat Residents March Against Secessionist Fighters

They used the occasion of the distribution of gifts from Presidential couple, Paul and Chantal Biya, to demonstrate their disapproval against what they say was the excesses of the fighters.

Some inhabitants from the five villages that make up Balikumbat Subdivision recently poured to the streets of the administrative headquarters, Balikumbat, singing and chanting slogans to publicly show their disapproval against what they consider excesses of secessionist fighters. The march, which comes barely a few weeks after the villagers went on the rampage and murdered two of the fighters, setting their camps on fire and seizing their weapons, was again a move to send messages of dissatisfaction to the sons and daughters of the land that have turned into fighters living in the bushes.

The aggrieved inhabitants who took to the streets on January 23, 2020, according to the SDO of Ngoketunjia, Henderson Quetong Kongeh, said they were tired and exhausted by the activities of the fighters who have assaulted them through extortion of money and destroying property, killings and abductions.

Coming after the march was the sharing of Presidential couple’s special assistance to Internally Displaced Persons, IDPs, from the five villages of Balikumbat Subdivision. Each IDP family received rice, blankets, buckets, cooking oil, and soap, among others. The presidential couple’s gifts were made available to the North West Region in the last week of December 2019 and dispatched to the seven divisions for eventual distribution to IDPs.

During the occasion, the SDO encouraged beneficiaries and the whole population of the subdivision for what they have been doing so far to brave the odds and stand for peace and indivisibility of Cameroon. He also passed a similar message to the population at Bamunka in Ndop on January 25, 2020, where the gifts were also given to IDPs there. The SDO condemned in strong terms acts of gangsterism and banditry against those who attacked some beneficiaries and seized their gifts.

Source: All Africa

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