Brava: Tour operators say the island’s graphic identity will allow “new momentum” in the sector

Tour operators and other civil society actors who attended the presentation of the Brava’s graphic identity proposal, made this Tuesday in Nova Sintra, believe that the tourism sector will gain a “new dynamic”.

Speaking to the press after the proposal was submitted, Marco Giandinoto, a Brava tour operator, considered that the creation of this identity is a “good initiative”, as it aims to improve working conditions on the island, although there is still a need to introduce some improvements in the logo, according to the inputs left by the participants.

With this step, this investor stressed that one is on the “right track” to develop tourism on the island, believing that the creation of identity “will allow a greater tourist movement in the future, thanks to the work is being done”.

Another participant agreed with the Marco’s opinion is Malu Santos, who also has investments in the tourist area, offering catering and hotel services, according to her Brava’s graphic identity will support the “recognition” of the island and will help investors take “another step forward” in the tourism area.

Source: Inforpress

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